Thematic Amsterdam bike tour: food and drinks by bike

The Amsterdam food tour will start with a visit to a typical local market (best citymarket 2016). There we will eat herring by the tail, like the Dutch people do. We will drink a local brewed “jenever” from the oldest distillery at a hidden terrace on the outskirt of the city. After the break  you will find yourself among barrels, hoses and crates in the most trendy brewery of the city in the Northern part of the city. The Amsterdam food tour combines the less known Eastside with a boattrip towards the industrial Northern part.

Departure and arrival location: Macbike Oosterdok, Oosterdokskade 151 (next to Central station)

Amsterdam’s highlights by bike

The Amsterdam bike tour that really shows you all city sights, but best of all we provide this tour with locals that know the city better than anyone else.

The guide that accompanies this tour will bring you to the most famous spots and explain you about the glorious past of medieval Amsterdam. We will start by explaining about the 17th century, and take you back in to the period of Amsterdam during the second world war. Later in the tour we will introduce you to contemporary Amsterdam, show you what is happening nowadays and give you the story’s of the turbulent 70’s up to now.

Departure and arrival location: Macbike Oosterdok, Oosterdokskade 151 (next to Central station)

Volendam Tour by bike

Volendam tour: climb on your bike and be amazed by the astonishing water landscape north of Amsterdam. We will start our Volendam tour from the center of Amsterdam on to the Ijsselmeer and we will arrive in the small villages of first Monnickendam and then Volendam. In Volendam we will have lunch. After the lunch we will return to the Waterland region where we will take a look in a organic farm.

After a visit to these famous typical Dutch villages. On the way back to Amsterdam we will stop in, for a refreshing break. Optionally you can also reserve a lunch when booking the Volendam tour.

Thematic Amsterdam bike tour: shop till you drop!

Check out our shopping tour in Amsterdam: search for the best shops and hidden boutiques in the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam! After a short introduction you will bike together with a local `personal shopper’ towards the Jordan area where you will start. After the coffeebreak we will continue in the famous 9 streets where the guide will show you these typical places that you wont be able to find without our experienced guides.

Departure and arrival location: Macbike Oosterdok, Oosterdokskade 151 (next to Central station)

Amsterdam bike tour along the canalbelt

 nown as the Venice of the North. This tour shows you the best places in the center of Amsterdam. Old warehouses in all kinds of shapes and sizes can be seen on either sides of the canals. The guide takes you back into the Golden Age of Amsterdam and gives you a surprising look at the turbulent history of one of the major metropolises of the 17th century. Check out the Amsterdam bike tour along the canalbelt here

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