Come, Feel Amsterdam on Our Bike Tour

Why book a bike tour with Amsterdam Travel Cafe?
          Bikes, Amsterdammers, sunshine (okay only half the time), 16th century canals, 400-year-old hofjes, 1900s De Stijl, we have everything here, everything. It’s not just a city of weed, mushroom and red light districts. That’s just the appetizer. This is a city of bustling commerce, ground breaking art movements and violent social upheaval. You came here for the reputation.. But, you’ll to stay to hear our stories. And you just might decide you never want to leave.
          Dense. Amsterdam is saturated with comers and goers, and at every street corner is the promise of a good time. It’s always there, but not always true. We, the ATC guides, are a circle of alternatives in Amsterdam, filmmakers, photographers, writers, storytellers. We’ve lived on the essence of the city, of that spirit of change, of the pulsing of colors, of the dialectic peace of old and new, of home and foreign. We cut through the city daily on our “grandma” bikes, watching the big and small changes progress, and we can’t wait to share it on our bike tour.
Simon Carmiggelt

“Amsterdam is a beautiful city to leave behind and come into” — Dutch writer, columnist Simon Carmiggelt

          We are hopeless romantics of this town, longing to grab the city by its hand and show our lover off to the entire world. Indulge us. We’ll show you Amsterdam distilled into 2 and a half hour like serving you a dark premium stout. Cheers!
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