Cultural Destination Holland – Our new Partner Company

Dear fellow travellers and friends of ours. We got some great news. We are excited to introduce you the new tour operating company Cultural Destination Holland which we are official partner with.

The focus of Cultural Destination Holland lies on the curious traveller. Also, on developing unique and tailor-made experiences in the Netherlands and Belgium. Cultural Destination Holland stands for sustainable tourism. It should cover a good balance between the place they visit, the locals and the visitor. Since Corona, they wanted to change the view on the tourism in Amsterdam and around. Also, they truly believe in a crucial need for change in the tourism sector. So, they want to do their part to stop mass tourism and the loss of cultural identity that comes with it. Therefore, Cultural Destination Holland goes hand in hand with the locals and won’t promote mass tourism. This sounds pretty amazing to us and we are happy to be partners! It’s a very important issue which we cannot ignore!

They created some amazing tours to beautiful places in the Netherlands and Belgium which will provide cool activities, cultural visits and fascinating nature and sceneries.

Now, if you are a curious group searching for the story behind the facade! You want to discover, explore and experience the “other” part of the Netherlands and Belgium. Feel free to contact them here or just go and check out their website:

Cultural Destination Holland