Frozen bike in Amsterdam

The best things to do in Amsterdam when it’s Januari and feels cold as …

It’s freezing outside and raining cats and dogs. Yes, it’s low season in tourist-land, but never boring. Still lots to do in Amsterdam! Being a tourcompany running our tours mostly outside we have to be patient till the beginning of spring break next month!

What can we suggest outside of biketours- and boattrips? More than enough!

It is time to survive January and overcome this period. Underneath our best suggestions for a customized schedule and survival till we will feel the sun again!

  • Iceskating in the Eastside of Amsterdam is something mostly all locals do at least once a year. The Jaap Eden skating rink has a good atmosphere with a nice terrace for a hot chocolate break. No skates, no worries! You can rent them from €6,- by pair.
  • Amsterdam hotel night (for locals). About 40 hotels will open their doors especially for locals. You can see your city through the eyes of a tourist and experience a hometown holiday. In according to the Amsterdam hotel night there is a programme with a lot of cultural and creative events in the city.
  • Go to one of our beautiful Grand cafe’s where you travel back in time when we still had real winters. Cafe Schiller or Cafe Americain, located in the city center are both favourite places for almost every guide working for Amsterdam Travelcafe.
  • Whiskey weekend for staying warm! In Jordan area, one of the most beatiful parts of Amsterdam you will find one of the most beatiful streets of Amsterdam, the Haarlemmerstraat. This street represents our less known icons of the city, the Posthoorn-church. In this neo-gothic building you may taste and enjoy whiskey as never before! Scotland meets Holland in Amsterdam.
  • Last but not least, jump in at one of the many (small) theaters and cinema’s we have in the city such as Rialto (De Pijp, quartier Latin) or FC Hyena on the vibrant Northern Part of the city

Is this all (as described above) not enough for your taste? Don’t panic!
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