Kingsday in Amsterdam

Kingsday in Amsterdam!

April 27th is sinds two years the most popular date in the Dutch agenda, a street event wich seems to grow annually and is worth planning a visit around.

Special clubnights and parties are held both the night before and the night after; however, to gain entree you’ll need to book in advance, either at the club itsself or at record stores. The next day the city’s streets and canals are full with people, most of whom are dressed in ridiculous orange costumes. Anything goes, especially if its bright orange, the Dutch National colour. A fair is held in almost every part of the city, and music blasts continuously from huge sound-systems, set-up across most of the major squares. This is also the only day of the year when goods can be bought and sold tax-free to anyone on the streets. Numerous stalls are set up in front of peoples houses.

Kingsday in Amsterdam is the only day throughout the year that Amsterdam Travelcafé does not offer tours, simply because on this day, all streets are packed with people. Locals and touristst celebrate this day together and especially with the April sunshine we label this day as one of the most important holidays during the year.

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