Win a original Amsterdam Travelcafé bike

Join the prize contest (period 2018) by checking out below and win a smashing, original and bright Amsterdam Travelcafé bike. The bike will be delivered to your home at the beginning of 2019 by the Amsterdam Travelcafe promotion team.

1. Make sure you take part in a tour of Amsterdam Travelcafe;

2. Leave a review on the Tripadvisor / Google environment of Amsterdam Travelcafe

3. Send a copy of the review in an e-mail to with the subject Prize contest 2018, including your name, date/time of tour you participated in, address & mobile phone number.


Contest terms & conditions

Version: 1st of January 2018

The following general terms & conditions apply to the relevant contest.
By participating in the contest, the participant automatically agrees with the general terms & conditions applicable to this.

  1. The participant is at least 16 years old (moment of participation).
  2. The participant is obliged to provide correct, current and complete information when participating in the contest.
  3. The participant will receive an e-mail notification of the prize won at the e-mail address specified by the participant.
  4. No correspondence can be made about the result and award of the prize.
  5. The prize is personal, is in the name of the winner and can not be transferred, exchanged or paid out in cash.
  6. The prize is awarded in the state in which it is located. Amsterdam Travelcafé is not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the price nor for any damage on the delivery of the prize.
  7. The delivery of the prize is handled by Amsterdam Travelcafé or another designated party. In the last case, Amsterdam Travelcafe is not responsible for the delivery of the prize. In that case, the date of delivery of the price will be determined in consultation with the supplier of the prize.
  8. Amsterdam Travelcafe is not responsible for any defects of postal or shipping companies (eg delay, strike, damage or loss) in the delivery of the prize. In the event that the winner, a co-resident / present or resident, cannot accept a registered price when delivered, the winner will pick up the prize at a later time (for example at the post office or postal agency etc.). Amsterdam Travelcafe cannot be held liable if the prize is not picked up by the winner or has been received by an unauthorized person, even if no notification or notification in any form has been left by the postal or shipping company.
  9. The participant gives permission for the processing of personal data in connection with participation in the contest. Amsterdam Travelcafe may include the personal data in its database, which will be treated confidentially (see privacy statement).
  10. Use of the provided prize is at the expense and risk of the winner. Amsterdam Travelcafe cannot be held liable for the use of the prize by the winner.
  11. Amsterdam Travelcafé is in no way liable for any damage resulting from the participation in the contest nor for any technical malfunctions, defects or delays with regard to participation in the contest or the designation of the winner.
  12. Amsterdam Travelcafé is entitled to disqualify participants and/or exclude participation if it is of the opinion that the participants do not act in accordance with these contest terms and conditions or if the participants otherwise fraudulently access the contest or affect the course of the contest unfairly.
  13. Amsterdam Travelcafé is entitled at all times to change or modify these contest terms and conditions during the term of the contest, at any time and without prior notice, or to cancel the contest without giving any reason or to adjust for reasons of motivation, without Amsterdam Travelcafé being obliged to compensate the participant in any way. Alteration or adaptation of the contest will be made public by Amsterdam Travelcafé on its website in an appropriate manner.
  14. You can use our contact form for any questions, complaints or comments about the contest. Indicate that this concerns the contest. Amsterdam Travelcafé will respond as soon as possible.


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