Bites on the Street | Amsterdam Food & Drinks Bike Tour

The Dutch cuisine is like the Dutch culture itself — a hotchpotch of all the goodies. And we deep fried it! The vibrant daily life in Amsterdam has a vibrant street food culture to match. And our very own Food & Drinks Bike Tour focuses on exactly that! Here, I’ll give you a sneak peek:


Remember what I said about deep frying? FEBO takes it and makes it into an art. People often calls it “the wall of food” for the vending machine business model. They even accept tips! It’s the staple franchise in the Netherlands with origins in Amsterdam on Ferdinand Bolstraat. This is the street where the famous museum Heineken Experience is located. It’s at the heart of all Dutch people. On a cold night out, a FEBO sign shinning in the distance is like lamp to cold, wandering insects. Hungry souls gather here after a night of dancing, and always content when they head home.

FEBO, Amsterdam Street Bites

FEBO at Rambrandt Square at a rainy winter day

Street Market:

Despite its metropolitan nature, the street market culture still dominates Amsterdam life. The one we visit often is the Dappermarkt in the Eastern area of Amsterdam. This part of town has a strong Moroccan and Muslim influence, which add some good flavors to the Dutch palate.

Street food in Amsterdam at Dappermarkt

Dappermarkt in full swing


One of my favorites is the Vietnamese delicacy, Loempia. It’s similar to the Chinese spring roll.

Amsterdam Food and Drinks Tour

Embarrassing snap of me eating a Loempia

Lumpia at Dappermarkt

That was a damn good bite


The Dutch Herring is a raw herring fished served with chopped onions and olives. You eat it by gripping it by the tail and dropping it into your mouth. Don’t hesitate on the bite though! Look out for sea-gals! Those kleptomaniac little things will not only steal your fish, they might slap you on the wrist on the way out.

“Jenever” Sweet Liquor in Flevopark:

In the heart of the famous Flevopark, there’s a mom-and-pop cafe that serves a home-brewed sweet liquor “Jenever” with sausages. “Jenever”, or the Dutch Gin, is the juniper flavored traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium. It has been branded to be the origins of gin itself! The traditional cottage house you see down below is a representation of one of the many many locally run businesses. These small, local businesses in Western Europe has the tendency to resist being sucked into the global franchise market. They sprinkle on the outskirts of the usual destinations in Amsterdam and they sometimes even form communities in its own right.

Street food in amsterdam, flevopark

Yes, that’s where the cafe is

Amsterdam Street food

View from the cafe

Impressed? Oh this is just a sneak peek, book a tour with us to see the real deal!