A Northern Holland Bike Trip: Our new, fresh tour after Corona

We are happy to announce our new bike tour which is a smooth and relaxing 2-day bike trip through Northern Holland.

Are you curious about how the typical (Northern) Holland villages look like? Or just craving a good long and silky smooth bike tour in the countryside?

Book this new awesome multi-day bike trip (120 kilometres), which is bringing you from the centre of busy Amsterdam towards many beautiful destinations. Starting with the touristic ‘Zaanse Schans’ and going on to the oldest cheese-market of the country located in Alkmaar. There, we will stay the night in a beautiful 3* hotel. The next day, we will cycle towards the sea and pass the region in Egmond aan Zee. On our way back to Amsterdam we will pass the beautiful city of Haarlem, which is always a great city to explore.

About the Bike Trip Destinations

Zaanse Schans: Get a feeling of nostalgia because everything around you will be windmills and wooden houses! There are many workshops you can join. There, you will get to know how “clogs” / the wooden shoes or the famous Dutch cheese are made.

bike trip

Alkmaar: Talking about cheese… As mentioned before, Alkmaar is a very important city when it comes to cheese because it owns the oldest cheese market in The Netherlands. But not just that makes this city interesting! Alkmaar has a beautiful city centre and offers many things which make this city totally worth visiting!

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Egmond aan Zee: This seaside resort is one of the most beautiful ones in The Netherlands. The dunes, the sea and the city harmonize so well with each other it feels like on holiday.

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Haarlem: Haarlem is a very beautiful city with many old squares. Also, it has a famously known for many historic buildings like the city hall or the Saint Bavo Cathedral. Haarlem offer so many restaurants and cafes to enjoy life and chat with friends.

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So, make sure to check out all details about this bike trip here if you got interested. Also, feel free to contact us for any questions or if you want to book personally. We hope to see you on our very first Northern Holland Bike trip!

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