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Amsterdam Tours by Local Guides

Looking for an authentic Amsterdam tour? then you came to the right place. Amsterdam Travel Cafe offers great tours through Amsterdam, Nortern Holland, Waterland and even more abroad. Amsterdam bike tour or Amsterdam walking tour? Whatever tour you decide to pick, we will make sure we will make it unforgettable!

Want to experience the inner town, go for Real Amsterdam tour. We call it that because our expert tour guides knows this historical city like the back of their hands. We’ll take you through secret courtyards (“hofjes”), canals and other local favorites.

Amsterdam Bike Tours

Also check out our Volendam tour: The Dutch are known for their polder villages. Being one of the few countries that lies half under the sea level, the Dutch has a different way of life. The Volendam tour takes you to these landscapes.

We also offer thematic tours like the Amsterdam food and drinks tour. You will taste authentic Dutch street food, drink a locally brewed “Jenever” from the oldest distillery at a hidden terrace in Flevopark, taste the best Dutch fries in Amsterdam, etc.

Are you visiting Amsterdam with a big group? Check out our private Amsterdam group  tour and tell us what you wanna see. We’ll design a tour for you.

Private Amsterdam boat tour

The private boat tour Amsterdam is a three hour private boat tour on a classic Dutch open boat. It’s definitely an excellent way to experience the beautiful Amsterdam canals. This tour can be booked by groups up to six people per boat. Larger groups can book more than one boat and split up. Great fun about this type of tour is that you may steer the boat yourselves.