What a 2018!

2018… Water on Mars, Tesla car in space, Trump playing president (okay let’s not go there), Prince Harry and Meghan got married. We had a freezing winter to begin the year and a sizzling, everybody-hiding-in-the-pool summer. The Dutch Soccer team rose from the ashes (or so I heard), and Paris is burning. What a damn eventful year!

Amsterdam Travelcafe hasn’t been slow either in 2018. This year we glammed-up the website (go check it out!), added some fancy new tours and features (nerds and adventurers, we’re looking at you!), made some friends at THIS IS HOLLAND. Just like those glib, proud managers in a 50s style $5000 suit and perfectly brushed back hair in Hollywood would say, “we’re gonna be famous!”

In 2019, we’re migrating to a better, bigger location, with an abundance of bikes and more tours tailored to you. We are not giving it all away yet, stay tuned! Hope to see you in 2019!

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