Introduction of our newest member

Hello everyone. In this post, I am going to give a short introduction about me – the new intern of Amsterdam Travelcafé.

I am Lisa and I am very happy to become a part of the team. Recently, I started my internship at Amsterdam Travelcafé where I am going to support Leonardo and his business. My main objective is to get an insight into building up your own touristic company. Also, regarding our current situation, how to keep it alive and profitable. Since the coronavirus is affecting many of us, it affected my internship too. I am currently not able to work on-site with Leonardo. However, thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to work from my home in Germany and communicate together efficiently.

Our goal for this blog is to keep you updated about what is happening in Amsterdam as well as at Amsterdam Travelcafé. Additionally, we want to give you first-hand insider tips and facts about the city. New interesting posts and stories will be uploaded each Wednesday on our website!

Well, that´s it for now with my “short” introduction. I look forward to telling you more stories soon!

We are very hopeful for the upcoming time and wish everyone a happy Easter Holiday!

Introduction of our new intern Lisa

That´s me – enjoying a nice summer day in Amsterdam back in 2019

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