Get a bit fancy this weekend!

Ssssh, come closer… Imma tell you a little secret about some goodies happening in Amsterdam this weekend. 

The annual Hotel Nacht (Hotel Night) is happening again. This the ultimate mini-vacation for the culture enthusiasts. Over 25+ high-end hotels come together to host diverse experience. Gin tasting, dinner parties, music nights, poetry & cocktail, Germany-themed beer nights, etc. The participating hotels are the oldest and the most prestigious in the city. Many are located in buildings deemed to be national monuments. This event is normally only known to locals, but we’re here to tell you where the secret doors are. 


If you’re into music, there’s Jazz at the Vic at Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam this Sunday at 17:00. There’s also the Spanish night at Lloyd on Saturday night at 18:00. 


A fan of good, burning alcohol? Go to Fever-Tree’s Gin School at Generator Hostel on Saturday at 15:00 and the Genever (the famous local Gin) Experience at QO Amsterdam. 

Or, if you’re more of a wine person, the Blind Wine Tasting at the Manor is the better choice. 

Oh! And the German Night is going to be at Vermeer on Sunday midnight. Go for some good beer! Cocktail fan? The Flamingo-drinks at the Birdhouse on Sunday has something for you. 


The event also hosts some culinary experience that you won’t get anywhere else. There’s the Mad Hatter’s Brunch at the Bluespoon on Sunday at 12:30, there’s also the Bali Brunch at Mama Makan at the same time. If you prefer something a bit more street style, the FEBO brunch at the Conservatorium Hotel is something for you. The Walking Dinner at Amrath on Sunday at 18:00, or the Multisensory Dining Experience at the Andaz on Saturday at 19:00 might be something for you if you’re going for something avant-garde. 

Go check out the full program page for specifics on pricing and house rules. And of course, go nuts! https://hotelnacht.nl/amsterdam/programma/

Don’t tell anyone that we told you all this 😉

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