Concerts in ‘Het Scheepvaartsmuseum’

Who said there won’t be any concerts during times of Corona? That’s what the management of the entertainment company Friendly Fire thought. Since Corona, usual concerts in halls and clubs are not possible anymore. So, they came up with live-stream concerts from many beautiful places in Amsterdam. Well, live-stream concerts are nothing new to us in Corona times but this unique location totally is!

The Open Plein of the Maritime Museum

The first location of the live-stream concerts will be ‘Het Scheepvaartmuseum’. This is Amsterdams National Maritime Museum and very famous for its large maritime collections. Starting next week on Wednesday (17.06.2020 – 21.06.2020) there will be five live-stream concerts of Dutch artists/bands.

Krezip live at Vrijdagsmarkt, Gent

Kensington, Duncan Laurence, Danny Vera, Krezip and Ilse DeLange are the first artists who take part in the live-stream concert series. Their show will be played from the famous Open Plein area. You can have an amazing time enjoying great music and a special show. Most important, you will have the safest and most comfortable circumstances because you can watch it directly from your living room.

Get your tickets here!

Be a part of the crowd with the comfort of your home & support local musicians! Also, rumour has it that they will also add some surprises that even the longest fan will leave speechless.