Our Fresh New Walking Tour with THIS IS HOLLAND

Last Tuesday, the Amsterdam Travelcafe team visited the THIS IS HOLLAND for our final quarter meeting. We participated in THIS IS HOLLAND’s full program, which includes an introductory, immersive virtual tour through the Netherlands. We concluded with the 5D “ultimate flying experience”, a virtual aerial tour that takes you to the tulip fields, the one-of-a-kind heritage sites and all the other signature Dutch landscapes. 

Amsterdam Travelcafe at THIS IS HOLLAND

Our Leo!


Amsterdam Travelcafe at THIS IS HOLLAND

Wating for the film to start

THIS IS HOLLAND is the perfect place for an introductory tour through the Netherlands, all in one place. The 5D film is produced by the makers of the documentary De Nieuwe Wildernis (the New Wilderness). The filming process took two years, and all footages are obtained from a helicopter with permission from nature conservation organizations and municipalities. Watch the trailer here: https://www.thisisholland.com/nl/home/!

Amsterdam Travelcafe at THIS IS HOLLAND

Us tour guides gettin’ acquainted

Starting today, fresh from the oven, we are offering a new tour for you history nerds out there! The Amsterdam Harbour and THIS IS HOLLAND walking tour! This new thematic tour is your ideal introductory experience to the roots of the country. The port of Amsterdam is one of the most prominent ones in the country. During the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam was the port of the United East-India Company. These days we call the existing area “Het IJ”. The ports are no longer in industrial use, but the old infrastructure remains and serves as the  inspiration ground for many creatives in the city.

The second half of the tour, we find ourselves in Amsterdam North at THIS IS HOLLAND. We’ll walk through a historical and geographical introduction of the Netherlands. And, as cinematic climaxes go, we’ll get to experience a 5D flying experience, over the beautiful country. Book the walking tour here!