Pentecost: Our Guide for tomorrow.

This weekend is going to be longer than usual because the whole family has one more day off. Pentecost-Monday is going to be a day with sunny and warm weather and we want to share some ideas with you on how you can spend this last day of Pentecost.

First of all, what is Pentecost?

Pentecost is a Christian festival celebrated on the 7th Sunday after Easter to remember the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles.

The Holy Spirit appeared to them for the first time at Pentecost. According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit is one of the three forms in which God can show himself. The Holy Spirit appeared to the apostles as flames of fire. So, they could see the Holy Spirit and tell everyone about Jesus and God.

This is also why Pentecost is kind of the birthday if the church.

No idea what to do tomorrow?

Of course, we still have the restrictions because of Corona and cannot do as much as usual. However, the weather is going to be great tomorrow and therefore you can do a lot outside or enjoy some cultural activities at home:

1) Take you blanket and some food and make a picnic in the park!

2) Make a photoshoot of your friends or kids outside!

3) Check out some virtual tours or shows from your favourite museums or theatres online.

4) Grab your hidden cookbook and select a nice meal to prepare for your family!

5) Playtime! Use your board games or cards not only inside, take them with you to the park and get some Vitamin D while playing against your friends.

6) Amsterdam Highlights Bike Tour: Go together with us on a bike tour through the empty streets of Amsterdam and enjoy the good perks during this unreal times. We will start at 10:15 tomorrow morning and we still have 6 spots available!! A last minute booking for tomorrow is a 15% discount.

Check out our Highlights Bike Tour or call us (+31 (0) 6 25225511) for more information!