Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2019 and More!

From the 16th century to the present, a flower so beloved that it caused an economic crisis, the Dutch and the tulips certainly have a complicated relationship.

Every early spring in Amsterdam, the city hosts an all around tulip festival. This year, the theme of the festival is “for every Dutchman a tulip”. We disagree, it’s for everyone.

There’s blooming tulips placed in every part of town. And we, Amsterdam Travelcafe, know where best to check them out.

Tulips in Holland

Tulips in Holland Image credit: Alessandro Vecchi

Westlijk Eilanden (West Islands)

The West islands area is in itself, a fairy tale district. Originally built to accommodate for industry in the 16th century, the large and distinct warehouses have been abandoned, squatted and now refurbished into a peaceful residential neighborhood. Take a bike and head west, you’ll find the oasis in the metropolis in n0 time.

Don’t take my word for it, explore the Google Street Map yourself!

On the Amstel

The Amstel river is the mother of Amsterdam, alongside the river are the classic canal houses, the Hermitage museum, the ‘Stopera’, the Continental Hotel, etc. There are multiple draw bridges across the river, and the historic “Skinny Bridge” (Magere Brug) is where you’ll find the beautiful tulips named Mengsel van ‘Foxy Foxes’.

From the skinny bridge, head east, to the “plantage” area, the old jewish area that definitely deserves a spin around the block. On the Weesperstraat, the big street that cuts from the south of Amsterdam to the center, you’ll find 3 more tulip installations.

Museum Square

Another area you can’t miss is the museum square and the Vondelpark. The whole area has a whopping 9 tulip installations. Oh and by the way, aside from the museums, the area has a Greek/Italian style, restaurants-spilling-out-onto-the-street and the best-5-euro-pizza-you-can-ask-for neighborhood, a high end antique/art collection street, and the only high fashion shopping street in town. What can I say? Put on your walking shoes 😉

The Tulip Festival has started already and lasts throughout April. Book a customized bike tour with Amsterdam Travelcafe to see all the tulip spots and more!