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Amsterdam Canalbelt Bike Tour

The best places in the center of Amsterdam! This tour introduces the Amsterdam of the golden Age and present.

26,00*Per person


Art in Amsterdam Bike Tour

Start in the city center, take a trip on the ferry and finish in the cultural hotspot of the city. Lonely planet’s most favorite area of Amsterdam!

32,50*Per person


Children’s adventure through Amsterdam

Children's adventure through Amsterdam !

27,50*Per person


Educational Bike Tour for Students

In this tour you’ll experience the highlights of the old intercity together with modern architecture. Education and pleasure guaranteed!

24,00*Per person



Food & Drinks Bike Tour

Discover -with one of our local guides- the best Amsterdam has to offer. You will enjoy (street)food, local snacks and bites and off course local brewed drinks in the most beautiful parts of the city!

67,50*Per person


Old harbors & modern architecture Bike Tour

Get to know the old renowned Eastern Docklands in combination with the famous modern architecture of Amsterdam.

32,50*Per person


Quiz Bike Tour

Find your answers behind the facades, bridges, neighborhoods and the canals.

37,50*Per person


Utrecht’s Highlights Bike Tour

With this new biketour one will meet a total different Utrecht. With a local guide you will go back in medieval Utrecht and one will learn and see why this was the most important city of the Netherlands in the past.

25,00*Per person


Volendam Bike Tour (Amsterdam North)

Start your journey from the center of Amsterdam on to the Ijssel-lake and arrive in the picturesque villages of Waterland, Volendam & Marken.

49,00*Per person