Get a bit fancy this weekend!

Ssssh, come closer… Imma tell you a little secret about some goodies happening in Amsterdam this weekend.  The annual Hotel Nacht (Hotel Night) is happening again. This the ultimate mini-vacation for the culture enthusiasts. Over 25+ high-end hotels come together to host diverse experience. Gin tasting, dinner parties, music nights, poetry & cocktail, Germany-themed beer […]

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Amsterdam Light Festival – Dressing Up the Town!

Amsterdam hosts countless festivals all around the year. But the award for the most charming, has to go to the Amsterdam Light Festival. In 6 years, the festival has attracted art giants like Aiweiwei and welcomed new forces alike, staging more than 200 installations all around town every year. A life cycle of the festival […]

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NDSM – Amsterdam’s Creative Outpost

If the museum square (Museumplein) represents the glory of Dutch art, then the fast evolving NDSM at Amsterdam North would be her contemporary, unruly sister1. This is the optimal corner for you to watch the city’s art scene unfold. NDSM stands for “Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij“, or the Netherlands dock and shipbuilding company. It’s a […]

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Bites on the Street | Amsterdam Food & Drinks Bike Tour

The Dutch cuisine is like the Dutch culture itself — a hotchpotch of all the goodies. And we deep fried it! The vibrant daily life in Amsterdam has a vibrant street food culture to match. And our very own Food & Drinks Bike Tour focuses on exactly that! Here, I’ll give you a sneak peek: […]

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Color and Papercut Edges, Architecture on Amsterdam Travelcafé Bike Tour

On a Amsterdam Travelcafé bike tour the old parts of town are the stars. The the canals, the draw bridges and those classic Dutch canal houses. However, once in a while, some sharp and modern highrises are gonna catch your eye instead. Modern architecture in Amsterdam is… in a word, distinct. The sharp edges vows […]

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Come, Feel Amsterdam on Our Bike Tour

Why book a bike tour with Amsterdam Travel Cafe?           Bikes, Amsterdammers, sunshine (okay only half the time), 16th century canals, 400-year-old hofjes, 1900s De Stijl, we have everything here, everything. It’s not just a city of weed, mushroom and red light districts. That’s just the appetizer. This is a city of bustling commerce, ground […]

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The best things to do in Amsterdam when it’s cold

It’s freezing cold outside and raining cats and dogs. Yes, it’s low season in tourist-land, but never boring. Still, lots to do in Amsterdam! Being a tour company running our tours mostly outside we have to be patient till the beginning of spring break next month! What can we suggest outside of bike tours- and […]

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Food and drinks by bike in Amsterdam

Food and drinks by bike  If you are coming to Amsterdam you know what To expect. Canals, bridges, bikes and cheese but we have so much more to offer. Especially for those people that want to see other things than the centre, hear other stories and especially taste something else than what you already know […]

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Kingsday in Amsterdam

Kingsday in Amsterdam!

Kingsday, April 27th is for two years the most popular date in the Dutch agenda. A street event which seems to grow annually and is worth planning a visit around. Special club nights and parties are held both the night before and the night after. However, to gain entree you’ll need to book in advance, […]

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Coffee Shop

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Amsterdam is the coffeeshop. But: here you are not in for the coffee. Leave your concerns at the door and enjoy good reggae music and its herbs. Visit one of the hundreds of coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Many in the centre, some very visible, some a bit hidden in the […]

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